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| August 20, 2009 | 58 Comments

UPDATE: The Scheme has been relaunched on 08-Feb-2010. To check the new details, CLICK HERE


Check Allotment status

L & T Finance company is offering NCD (Non Convertible Debentures) public issue. The issue is open for purchase from 18th August- 4th September, 2009. Investors can get interest yield from 9.85% to 10.50% depending upon the tenure and other variables. The NCD will be listed on National Stock Exchange.

Public Issue of Secured Non Convertible Debentures Offering Summary

Size : Aggregating upto Rs. 500 crs with an option to retain oversubscription upto Rs 500 crs

Investment options: Four options

Credit Rating: “CARE AA+” by CARE and “LAA +” by ICRA

Yield on redemption: 9.85% to 10.50% Per annum

Subscription period: Issue Opening date : 18th August 2009 – Issue Closing date : 4th September 2009

Security: Security will be created for the purpose of this issue as per the Debenture Trust – cum- Mortgage Deed

Listing: The NCDs to be listed on National Stock Exchange (“NSE”)

To invest in L & T Finance company NCD, mail at contactus@moneyvriksh.com or visit www.moneyvriksh.com/investnow

You can also order forms. Just mail your request at given mail ID.

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  • p.s.raman

    l&t ncd application form wanted


    pls send me L&T Debeture application form to my email ID

  • Jeff

    Good website

  • jigar

    pls send me L&T Debeture application form to my email ID

  • jayashree murali

    pl. send me L & T’s NCD appln. form

  • Mangal

    Please send me on mail NCD App.Form

  • sanjana

    Kindly send me L&T debentures form immediately

  • Nishant

    Please send me the NCD application form

  • Vijay Petla

    Please send me L&T NCD application form

  • Administrator

    PL SEND ME L& T NCD application form.thanks

  • http://arunjhsr@yahoo.co.in ARUN JAIN

    l&t ncd public offer subscribe how many times date 27.08.2009

    • admin

      Hi Arun,
      L&T is not through Book Buliding process. So there are no disclosures yet

  • venkat

    Please send me L&T finance NCD application form

  • Saurabh Jain

    PL SEND ME L& T NCD application form.as soon as possible…thanks

  • ashok sharma

    pl mail L&T NCD applicatin form

  • admin

    Dear ALL,
    The form has been sent to everyone who has put his/her request here.
    If somebody has not received mail from MoneyVriksh.com, please put your request again.

    All those who have received the form, mail back the form to us as soon as possible. The last date is nearing. The form should reach us latest by 3rd September

  • mani

    is it necessary that i require DMAT for this NCD

    • admin

      Yes… Its necessary to have DEMAT account to apply for NCD because NCDs are tradable in stock market. L&T NCD will be listed on NSE.

  • Nix

    Please send me the NCD application form.



    Kindly send L& T NCD Application form to my Email Id
    Thanking You

  • Mohan

    Please send me the application form

  • vishal

    hi there

    can u pls send me NCD forms urgently. i am in dubai. i will courier it today itself


  • admin

    Hi Vishal,
    We have sent you the application, but We dont think that the application can reach us by 4th Sep. So, its better you dont invest in L&T NCD. Just wait for upcming schemes.
    Just for your info, NRIs cannot apply for NCD

  • kumar


    When will the L&T NCD be listed on NSE?

    • admin

      Hi Mr. Kumar,
      L&T NCD will be listed after around 2 weeks. The exact date is not declared yet.

      Let your money grow!

  • Bhavik

    Can you please give me details of allotment date and listing date…?

  • abhijit

    has the allotment been made yet??.. if yes where can we know about the status

    • admin

      No.. The allotment has not been made yet.

  • maninder singh

    pls tell me the allotment date

  • renu

    has the allotment been made yet?if yes then what is the status

  • admin

    Dear Maninder and Renu,
    The allotment has not been made yet. It will take another 1 week for it to come.
    Keep checking this site. On declaration of allotment status, the link will be posted…
    Let your money grow

  • renu

    thanks for the reply

  • Jaspreet

    The website of Sharepro @ mentions that the NCD allotment would be made by 17th Sept

  • Kamlesh haria

    Allotment will be done today (17Sep2009) as per website of registrar (sharproservices)

  • admin

    Jaspreet and Kamlesh,
    Allotment has been made today. They need time to upload it on website.
    Patience, my friend, is a virtue…

  • Venkat

    Allotment is out…. I applied for 100 NCD and i got full allotment. All the best to everyone.

  • Sarbjit

    I applied for 10 got 2 only but not received refund till now. Will any body tell me that when will I get the refund

    • admin

      I think nobody has got refund till now. Correct me if I am wrong.
      Those who have got complete allotment have received interest yesterday…

  • Venkat

    Yes admin, you are right….i got the interest credited to my bank account yesterday.

  • Bhavik

    Can anyone tell me the listing date…?

  • maninder singh

    can u pls tell about refund and listing

  • admin

    The L&T Finance NCD Has been listed today at NSE.

    Symbol: L&TFINANCE

  • chirag

    does l&t NCD fluctuates like any share during market timings

    • admin

      does l&t NCD fluctuates like any share during market timings

      No Chirag, it does not.
      But yes. today L&T NCD N3 hit high of 1148 before closing at around 1070. Poor guy who bought it at 1148! He (or she) virtually donated money to the seller!

  • chirag

    as i checked on NSE website,L&T finace chart represent fluctation during the day..does that represent something different?

    • admin

      Hi Chirag,
      NCDs do not generally fluctuate that much because price of a NCD is based on interest rates. Yesterday was an odd day when L&T NCD moved 10%. One should not expect it to move again to 1150 in near future. Whosoever hold it for 88 months wil get Rs 2005. It’s fixed by the company.

      I hope it clarifies your doubt Chirag.

  • maninder singh

    pls tell can i premature redeem ncd if yes how

    • admin

      You can premature your NCD by selling it from your DEMAT A/C

  • Sunil

    How can I buy L&T ncds. How to calculate the returns?

  • saipavan

    i have purchased 10 ncds of l&t finance,now i want to sell them off but icici direct is not allowing me to sell them.could any one help me what i should do ?

    • admin

      Hi Saipavan,
      If you are selling NCDs in margin, try to sell them in Delivery.

      If problem persists, Email your complaint to helpdesk@icicidirect.com and do let us know their response so that we can guide you further.

  • saipavan

    I have purchased when it was launched,but till now i did not get the intrest for this quarter.when can i expect the divedend?i have purchased with 9.85 quarterly intreset scheme

  • admin

    This scheme has been relaunched w.e.f 08-Feb-2010

    Check Complete details at http://www.moneyvriksh.com/blog/?p=896

  • Prashant Goyal

    Please inform whether any tax benefit available against interest received on the NCD issue Feb2010

    • admin

      No tax benefit. Though i think that’s the tax-free income

  • Arun Singh

    Dear Sir,
    Please send me Discharge Voucher for Vehicle Claim

    • admin

      Mr. Arun Singh, contact L&T Finance directly

  • ankit

    Please send me on mail NCD App.Form